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So for anyone reading this blog who may not be aware, over the past year and a half I’ve been posting more regularly in my blog, numb3r_5ev3n, since Vladimir Putin assimilated LiveJournal. Most of my blog content from 2004-2017 is there. (And for those of you reading this over on DreamWidth: Hello!)

I was on Tumblr for a while, but as a Gen Xer that platform was probably never cut out for me anyway. Too many rampant memetic virii, too much noise to signal. It’s basically the opposite side of the coin of 4chan…and really, the less said about 4chan right now, the better.

Facebook is going the way of LiveJournal, by the way of Cambridge Analytica – and it was no longer cool once your 8th grade math teacher, your old youth councilor, your great-aunt, and her bridge club joined, anyway.

What bothers me is, Facebook is not so much of a communication platform as it is a dopamine hamster wheel, with algorithms intended to push you exactly where its influencers want you to go. But I feel like one could make that argument of most of the latter social media services, actually.

I deactivated my Facebook account back in March, but it’s been really hard because of how pervasive it is in everyone’s life now, and how everyone is using it to connect. Maybe I’ll continue to hold out, we’ll see.

I still have Instagram and Twitter. I’m on Discord and Slack, which remind me of the IRC days of yore. Frankly, I’m consuming way more Vlog content than anything else, recently.

Most of my time has been taken up with work and stuff. I’m trying to get back into the groove of actually writing, and writing regularly – including content which at this time is ten years or more overdue. More on that, coming soon.

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