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I had a love-hate relationship with Tumblr before leaving it entirely. Nearly all the fandoms I was following at the time (ok, mainly TRON) migrated there fairly early on (2011-2012.) It really started to get a reputation as a haven for “Social Justice Warriors” during 2012-2013 onwards, and yet for all of the language based around social justice, people basically were behaving the same as their counterparts on 4chan, with all the  gatekeeping, harassing, attacking, shaming, and dogpiling that was constantly going on.

I agree with leftists like Natalie Wynn (aka Contrapoints) who say that people should be given a chance to change their minds and redeem themselves – which happens through discussion, not dogpiling. Dogpiling is great for deplatforming people, which I agree should totally happen in extreme cases – but when your idea of social justice discourse breaks down to “stop liking what I don’t like,” in regards to fandoms (which I was seeing way more than reasoned discussions about social justice) we have a problem.

No one ever changed their minds or adopted a more enlightened worldview because they were told to “go kill yourself.”

It started to be a less “how can we make a better and more just world for everyone,” and more “your fandom is problematic.” EDIT: and that was never really the point of fandom on Tumblr for me anyway; I was there mainly in the beginning for fanfic and fanart like everyone else, and the social justice discourse (and fandom gatekeeping thinly disguised as social justice discourse) just started creeping to the forefront around the end of 2012.

And I agree that being conscious of social issues is important! BUT – let people enjoy things. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense to call someone a fascist because you disagree with their fanfic interpretation of Severus Snape or Xehanort, especially with actual fascists so thick on the ground these days.

Anyway, now The Powers That Be at Tumblr have decided to crack down on anything NSFW. I haven’t been there in over a year, and I can still think of several fan artists I knew and liked who would be negatively affected by this. This is LJ Strikethough all over again, but for the Millenials and Generation Z. Which makes me wonder – is Tumblr about to be sold to the Russians?

LJ Strikethrough, for those of you too young to remember, was an incident in which LJ cracked down on “adult themed” fanart and fanfic in an attempt to “clean up the place” before the sale to SUP, the Russian company who bought it in 2007. It caused a mass exodus to LJ clones like InsaneJournal and GreatestJournal, and was the reason the bestest LJ clone ever, Dreamwidth dot org, was created.

I really don’t know what spurred Tumblr on to do this, but I can imagine that the migration to the Next Big Thing in social media platforms has already begun.

ETA: ProZD weighs in on the controversy (also Current Mood)

It seems like so many people who saw Fight Club missed the fucking point, and came away with the idea that Tyler is some kind of modern hero demigod instead of a pathetic fucking narcissist. I hate it that our culture is currently venerating so many pathetic fucking narcissists. And I wasn’t free until I learned the word “duvet,” and that such a thing existed.

DISCLAIMER: I am a cis-appearing, though non-gender-conforming/nonbinary white woman. Both my recent and tests confirm this conclusively. The origin point of my DNA is like a Venn Diagram of whiteness. As Beavis and Butthead once said of Kip Winger’s teeth: I’m “Hwhite.”

So, this is in no way an attempt to speak to, or for, the Black experience in America. This is just my hot take on Kanye West’s recent visit to the White House, and his support for Donald Trump in general.

EDIT: And this post has also been somewhat revised, due to a discussion I had with the friend in an anecdote which was previously referenced in this post. I removed the anecdote because it appears that it resulted from a misunderstanding. Anyway:

This week, we watched Kanye West proudly proclaim his support of a racist who is who is widely known and criticized for practicing discrimination against African Americans, whose father was a Klan member whose antics drew the ire of noted antifascist musician Woody Guthrie.

Well, not at first. First, I assumed, as many have, that this is a flagrant attempt by a known narcissist and attention-seeker to seek more attention. Others have assumed, probably rightly, that if Kanye were to join the many voices speaking out against Trump, he would simply be one of a crowd. This way, he gets to stand out and be loud and noticed, the way he likes to be. For Kanye, no publicity is bad publicity.

But then I thought back on his desire to abolish the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution, the Amendment ending slavery in America, that I realized this is basically what Kanye is doing. He talks about how this is because he doesn’t want to be a part of “victimhood culture. But what he is talking about is not a rejection of “victimhood culture,” it is basically an erasure of the past. He has re-written the past in his mind to be something different.

And this is what reactionaries do. They create a fake past, a golden age. “Reject the future,” they say. “Reject progress. It’s an illusion. Go back to this imaginary fantasia with me, where I and everyone else whom I have not othered/rejected as part of the “out group” in my mind were exalted and had everything we needed.”

This imaginary fantasia relies on everyone else, even (especially) the people they have othered/rejected as part of the “out group” to either play along or disappear, or it doesn’t work. This is what is behind a great deal of the reactionary rage and resentment seen among Trump supporters in America. We aren’t playing their game right, but there is no other place they want to quit to take their ball home to.

Mother Russia beacons, seemingly a white conservative utopia – but that would mean actually having to live there, giving up the rights of Habeus Corpus, Due Process, Right to Assemble, and Free Speech that they enjoy here in America; in short, the lifestyle to which they have grown accustomed. And as they might discover, no utopia is ever really complete without a few crimes against humanity, a few mass graves along the way.

But back to Kanye, and the subject of Post-Modernism.

Post Modernism is usually presented as being impossible to simply define, but I have always interpreted one facet of it as a rejection and/or deconstruction of past values. The things our ancestors once thought of as important are no longer considered part of the crucial makeup of society, and are perhaps even utterly meaningless.

Recently, Conservative, Fascist and “Alt-Right” thinkers on Youtube and beyond have appropriated the word “Post Modern” as a shorthand alongside their other favorite phrase “Cultural Marxism” for what they see as the Left’s rejection of the “good old days”/”The Natural Order Of Things As God Himself Intended.”

Never mind the fact that the Frankfurt School, which currently occupies that same scary place under the bed in the Fascist collective consciousness as George Soros, roundly decried post-modernism as objectionable, a wrong turn in our society’s evolution.

But guys, there is nothing more post-modern than rewriting entire events of the past in our heads – say, the period of slavery in America – to be something different so that it doesn’t make us feel bad. It’s erasure. It’s repression. It’s a denial of things that actually occurred, saying that the actual historical past as it actually, objectively happened is meaningless, that the struggles and suffering of large groups of people are effectively meaningless. And it generally never works out they way we think it will when we do this.

The entire reactionary/fascist mindset relies on rewriting and re-interpreting huge chunks of the past for them to cling to, so they get to postpone the future for just a little while longer.

Meanwhile, if I could build a time machine, I’d go back to the past: to bring back 2005 Kanye so he could confront 2018 Kanye.

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This thing has been the elephant in the room long enough. I’ve made several attempts over the years to try and write this – to the point where I have several different drafts, with several different takes on it, saved to different hard drives which date as far back as 2005; all of which reflect who I was and my changing and evolving opinions of the thing at the times they were written.

In the early spring of 2015, I attempted to hash all of this back out – and then backpedaled, and just dropped it, because of the release of the movie Jupiter Ascending.

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So, uh, now people can actually comment on my mirrored entries on DW. >.< Sorry about that. I am feeling a bit better than yesterday. Oh, and I'm finally getting my DNA/genealogy test did. Current Mood:

I am getting over yet another bout of upper respiratory junk, I am on antibiotics yet again, and I feel really crappy this morning.

The company I work for pushed out a major update last month, and it, uh, hasn’t quite gone according to plan, which has added to the stress. I feel like we keep passing this junk back and forth.

I am going to finally start posting a lot more of the occult/philosophical/esoterica stuff that I used to back in the old days. It may seem a little strange to those who started following my blog(s) in the years since then. My background is primarily Chaote/Hermetic/Technopagan. Feel free to comment with any questions, and I will do my best to answer them.

Oh well, back to the salt mines!