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This thing has been the elephant in the room long enough. I’ve made several attempts over the years to try and write this – to the point where I have several different drafts, with several different takes on it, saved to different hard drives which date as far back as 2005; all of which reflect who I was and my changing and evolving opinions of the thing at the times they were written.

In the early spring of 2015, I attempted to hash all of this back out – and then backpedaled, and just dropped it, because of the release of the movie Jupiter Ascending.

There I was, ready to revisit this thing for what I thought was going to be the final time – when two weeks into writing it, this movie came out. I thought it was a fun movie (and at times it felt like maybe I was one of the only ones) partially because The Wachowski Starship (as they have taken to calling themselves) so obviously did their homework and mined both the Dragon Court and Ancient Aliens conspiracy theories when creating their story.

Jupiter Ascending is the hysterical Alex Jones Conspiracy Theorist/Ancient Aliens take on the Dragon Court – wrapped in ribbons and glitter, and repackaged as the Millennial/Gen Z teen girl answer to Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers – and whatever your opinion of the film, I want to emphasize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that aspect of it, though maybe the concept wasn’t executed as well as it could or should have been. The movie has its flaws – not the least of which stemmed from the fact that it was subject to executive meddling and was badly cut before hitting theaters, resulting in a flop which barely made its budget back. My opinion of the film more or less matches that of youtube philosopher Dan Olson, as seen here.

When I had a Tumblr (and Tumblr freaking loved this movie) I went into all of the ways that the Wachowski sisters had mined the Conspirasphere for the movie’s worldbuilding. It does not accurately reflect the actual Dragon Court as I have come to understand it at all – but to me at the time, it came off as a bunch of tongue-in-cheek inside jokes about the things that hysterical conspiracy theorists believe about it.

What is the Dragon Court? I’m going to try and give as short and succinct explanation as possible, but the way I explained it to someone recently was this:

(deep breath)

According to some writers on the subject, in ancient times, royal proto-Scythians/Cimmerians in Asia Minor interbred with the dynastic royal lines of the peoples around them in order to forge alliances, as these things often tended to go. This included dynasties in ancient Sumer/Babylon/Akkad and Egypt, and eventually Israelite House of David. They were also said to be the foundation for the legends of Elves, which survived in modern pop culture thanks to writers like J.R.R. Tolkien.

This group was said to have occult powers derived from their practices of ancestor veneration, and a spiritual connection to the Otherworld which gave them insight that was supernatural in nature, and enabled them to provide wise counsel to the peoples they governed, eventually becoming part of the Druidic traditions that spread across Europe and parts of the Near and Middle East. Eventually they were persecuted by the Romans and the early Catholic Church, and were all but wiped out at Mons/Mona, with some of their bloodlines surviving in the royal houses with which they’d interbred.

But with the Donation of Constantine in 778AD the remaining families were utterly disenfranchised and many who were left went into hiding, surviving through the “burning times” of the middle ages as groups of hereditary traditional witch covens which managed to preserve some aspects of their religion and culture into modern times.

In 1408, an organization calling itself the Order of the Dragon was instituted by then Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg, which was his attempt to legitimize his rule by claiming connection to the previous dynasties calling themselves that, and this is the version that historians remember today. However, it did contain one supposed actual member who was of the “Draconic” bloodlines – Vlad II Dracul, the father of Vlad III: aka Vlad Tepes, aka Dracula.

…and all of this is a huge oversimplification, barely scratching the surface of it all. But this is the best “short form” description I can give.

In the early 20th century, George Pickingill, a hereditary traditional “Cunning Man,” founded nine witch covens, headed up by women of “Witch blood.” Two people who are said to have been associated with these covens were Gerald Gardner and Aleister Crowley – and from there, aspects of the “Dragon” Witch culture were incorporated into Wicca and Thelema.

As a result, Nicholas de Vere, who came out as a declared hereditary Prince of the modern Court in the late 1990s until his death in 2013, has denounced these both of these modern magickal schools of thought as cultural theft and misappropriation (what we would call cultural appropriation on Today’s Internet) at length in his written works.

However, occultist E.W. “Bill” Liddell claimed in a series of letters sent to an occult publication during the middle of the 20th century (which would later be published together as The Pickingill Papers) that the Witch covens consulted their Otherworldly guides on how to handle this when Wicca and Hermetic Magick as taught by Crowley started to become popular – and they were advised that this had been allowed to happen because the world needed this knowledge, and would continue to need it in the decades to come.

I first learned that the Dragon Court existed in 1999, when I found Laurence Gardner’s Nexus Magazine articles online. I’d had a lifelong interest in the Scythians, in the myths of Elves and Faeries, and in Witchcraft – and it seemed to corroborate a lot of things I’d heard about as a young occultist, and a lot of conclusions that I’d come to independently since then.

From there, it eventually led me to Nicholas de Vere and the website online. I joined the forum and eventually became a forum mod, even as stuff happened on the forum and to the site which led to a lot of drama and which I really don’t want to get into again, except to say that by 2006 it ended up with the online community being split into factions spread between three different websites:, The Dragon Society (formed after Nicholas de Vere’s break from, but which seems to have been the project of his associate Martin Lunn, whom he praised effusively during our one actual phone conversation) and Consilium Ordo Draconis Antiquitas.

Yes, this is just one of the groups like this I was involved with in the early-to-mid 2000s. But unlike the Matrix Cult, which I had to get away from because it nearly destroyed my life, I remained in contact with some of the people from the Dragon Court/Dragon Society/Consilium Ordo Draconis Antiquitas web communities, who became good friends.

During the time I was most involved with this stuff, I was in a very bad, angry, depressed, disassociative place mentally due to the things that were going on in the world and in my life, and it influenced some of the things I said and did at the time. But I don’t regret the involvement I had with the site and some of the people I met while it was afloat. What I do regret is how I reacted to certain events and got sucked into conflicts that I should have stayed out of.

Post 9/11/2001, in my perception, the norms, institutions, and ideals of Democracy were being burned down before my eyes. With the Patriot act, I saw Habeas Corpus, and civil liberties and freedoms which were outlined in the US Constitution suspended indefinitely as America became a para-militarized, white evangelical nationalist state kept in a constant state of anxiety and panic thanks to the cooperation so-called “liberal” media, which fell all over itself to accommodate the Military Industrial Complex’s rush to war in the Middle East – which they no doubt hoped would last for years as a steady cash cow. And for the most part, they got everything they wished for and more.

I saw the neoliberal capitalist structures of Wall Street implode our nation’s economy in 2007-2008, then get what looked like a “get out of jail free card” from the Bush administration, while everyone else – “Main Street” – suffered.

Later, I saw what few checks Barack Obama managed to impose on Wall Street dismantled by Donald Trump’s administration: but I’ll get to that later. But it looks like people truly learned nothing from the period between 2000-2008, and it looks like we’re probably going to have to do the whole wretched cycle of neoliberal capitalist profiteering-bust-recession all over again until people fucking learn.

But again, I’ll get to that later. The period I’m talking about mostly takes place from the early to mid 2000s. And the depression and anguish I felt as I saw all of this happening, and as I personally experienced job losses and financial hardship during the Bush Recession of post-9/11 and the later Great Recession (also a Bush Recession) of 2008-2010 sometimes led me to extremes in attitude and belief about how it should all be handed.

When I read Nicholas de Vere’s manifesto From Transylvania To Tunbridge Wells in December 2002, as we were being railroaded by war profiteers to what felt like an inevitable engagement in Iraq, I saw his criticism of modern capitalism, and pumped my fist in the air. Hell yeah, the Witch Kings Of Old had come back from their ancient raths to dismantle neoliberalism. Hell fucking yeah.

Or such was my perception of it, at the time.

To be continued.

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