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House Republicans avoid voting on a resolution stating that the Holocaust targeted Jews (

Betsy DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary after Mike Pence casts tie-breaking vote (

White House’s ‘under-reported’ terror list includes many well-known attacks(

The Trump administration’s list of ‘underreported’ terrorist attacks contains numerous typos, factual errors (

What’s largely and glaringly missing from Trump’s list of terrorist attacks: Non-Western victims (

The New York Times has posted their full coverage of the terrorist attacks that Trump claims were under-reported (

Trump himself has under-reported terrorist attacks carried out by white non-Muslim men (

Mitch McConnell silenced Elizabeth Warren tonight who was protesting the nomination of Jeff Sessions by reading a letter by Coretta Scott King (video)(

Republicans vote to force powerful female senator to sit down and shut up(

Trump threatens to ruin a senator’s career(video) ( and

As a result, Texas senators are passing around a resolution for dealing with direct threats from the president (

The head of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula survived the attack in Yemen and is now taunting President Donald Trump (

Trump’s team blew their first anti-terror mission in Yemen so badly that Yemen has withdrawn permission for U.S. antiterror ground missions (

Iran’s supreme leader said Tuesday that “newcomer” President Donald Trump had shown the “real face” of the United States (

Trump’s Labor Department pick admits to employing undocumented worker(

Of course, the GOP is standing behind the Labor Department pick and his bad decisions (

Trump supporters would suffer most from a repeal of NAFTA (

Trump voters stand to suffer most from Obamacare repeal and a trade war(

Ordinary Americans carried out inhumane acts for Trump (

One-Third of Americans don’t know Obamacare and Affordable Care Act are the same (

Kremlin propaganda says Ukraine, not Russia, hacked the U.S. election(

Putin critic that submitted testimony against Rex Tillerson poisoned and is now in a coma (

Trump claims to not know Putin but previous interviews prove that he does(

Trump lies about Obama administration identifying the 7 countries involved in the Muslim ban (

Donald Trump’s staff get him to agree to policies by saying ‘Obama wouldn’t have done it’ (

WH official: We’ll say ‘fake news’ until media realizes attitude of attacking the President is wrong (

More evidence that Kellyanne Conway has repeatedly lied about the Bowling Green Massacre (

CNN confirms that it won’t have Kellyanne Conway on the network because she’s a liar (

Melania Trump reveals plan to leverage presidency to ink ‘multi-million dollar’ endorsement deals (

A growing number of officials in Germany are asking whether they need a Plan B for a post-American Europe (

For the third consecutive week since Trump took office, State Department press briefings normally held every workday haven’t been scheduled (

House committee votes to terminate agency that protects voting machines from hacking (

Trump threatens to take Muslim ban fight to the Supreme Court(

Trump lied again about the U.S. murder rate (

Army approves Dakota Access Pipeline route, paving way for the project’s completion (

Senator Bernie Sanders calls Dakota Access Pipeline moves illegal (

USDA quietly deletes thousands of animal abuse records in ‘Orwellian’ move(

Gallup poll shows Trump’s job approval rating at all-time low (

Donald Trump’s Pre-Super Bowl Interview Ratings Lower Than Barack Obama’s Figures (