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The Nihilistic Purity of the Far Left Will Kill Us All

By Sammy Leonard, from

This is so important that I’m just going to copypaste the whole damn thing under a read more tag. Definitely worth the time to read. Full disclosure:  I was a Bernie Sanders supporter who voted for Hillary Clinton when he lost the nomination. I didn’t like the way the DNC treated Sanders supporters, but claims of rigging the primaries have been debunked. The data was very clearly in Hillary’s favor, and it was on every progressive, Democrat, liberal, and leftist to vote for the candidate that wasn’t Donald Trump. We could have worked with Hillary towards compromises which would have been more in line with leftist goals. Trump and his cronies are clearly only looking out for themselves, screw everyone else.

Look, It would be great if an actual liberal or leftist got in, instead of a centrist running on the Democratic ticket. I still think the best people would be Michelle Obama and/or Elizabeth Warren – and both have flat-out said they will not run, even if everyone on the left and center-left would probably drop everything to vote for either one if they did. Until the left of center and the plain leftist folks can unite behind someone, we will keep getting disasters like Bush II and Trump (it’s no coincidence that they both won on a technicality through the Electoral College, while losing the popular vote) with some of the people on the left crowing “at least the Not Actual Leftist but Sane Centrist didn’t get in!” while people are suffering, and the country goes straight to Hell.

But anyway, here’s Sammy Leonard’s article, behind the aforementioned cut:

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Meanwhile, in Canada:

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