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So, it’s been a while since I have done anything on the DIY front. Back in May, I purchased this headboard from a thrift store for 10 dollars.

It’s been on my bed since then. The decorative panels are plastic, the “wood-look” paint is wearing off, and the plastic underneath is yellowed like an old Super NES (trust me, it’s a lot more noticable IRL than in the photos.)

So I painted it! I timed it right before the cold snap, and gave it a day to “cure” and off-gas before putting it back on the bed. I used Rustoleum “Oil Rubbed Bronze” of DIY blogger and Pintrest fame.

…and it’s dark brown. Which is ok, it matches my IKEA KULLEN dresser now, and looks much higher-end than it did. But I was hoping for more of a metallic finish. Oh well.